Friday, February 28, 2014

Update: New Year, Another Move.

So apparently the fastest way to break a New Year's Resolution is to make one, and mine was to post more often.  Whoops.

Thank you for your comments and e-mails inquiring about me and expressing your concern.  It reminds me that oh yeah, people read this thing - and strangers I have never met actually care about me!  The world is a crazy and awesome place.  

I promise there's a good reason I've been so silent.  Well, a good enough reason, I think - we have moved again.  And because of the backlog of posts I have collected in my draft folder, the announcement was never made.  But all the while, between schlepping and hotel stays and all the gas stops and all the unpacking I kept telling myself, 

You have to post.
Post already. 
Blog won't post itself.
See?  People are asking about you.
You have a blog.
Just wanted to remind you of that.
You should probably post now. about tonight?
Next week?
Ugh. You win.

Our new "Anytown, USA" is actually great, and I was excited at the prospect of living here, despite being upset that we were moving.  You know, again.  And doing the math causes a longer than ever delay when I stop to count how many moves in how many years, but I think this makes...four times in a little over three years.  Somewhere there's a really crappy award for that with our names on it.  I don't even want to tell you how amazing I am at packing boxes now.  But I'm pretty amazing.

It is late here so I will wrap this up but, dare I say (*wincing*), posts are forthcoming.  Seriously! 

Goodnight, and I hope you are all getting the help you need, one day at a time.